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Can YOU tell the TRUTH [entries|friends|calendar]
Tell The Truth

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Truth or Dare Video Tag [22 Apr 2008|05:25pm]

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[15 Dec 2004|01:39pm]

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Who wants to play Truth Or Dare online? [25 Aug 2004|01:52am]


I've created a new website / message board for people who want to play Truth Or Dare online. It's only been up a few days, but there's already a good number of players registered. :) You can make a personal profile, including a pic of yourself, then post Truths Or Dares and attach images too. With any luck this'll turn into something really fun. Come check it out:


It's free to join and everyone is welcome, so don't be shy.
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[01 May 2004|09:56am]

Hey you guys i just have a question..me and my best friend have liked each other for like a year and a half and weve been talking about going out and we tell each other we love each other already and its real we do alot together and already kinda act like were going out just no kissing and everything and like i want more than anything to be with him and be boyfriend and girlfriend and he does to but he just doesnt understand why the boyfriend and girlfriend title is such a big deal, and to me it is and i couldnt really explain why i just wanna be with him and each other be our only people in our lives rite now like i told him in a way i think him not just saying ok lets be together it feels like hes waiting for someone better and when i said that he got mad and couldnt believe i thought that, he just thinks if we go out and fight we'll ruien our friendship but i think not going out mite ruien it too were jelous when one of us talks to another guy or girl and i think just saying were going out would solve it all to know that we care about each other more than anyone else and its a security of knowing were a couple and one now..so if you have any advice and like something i can tell him to let him know how i feel cuz i'm not good at putting it to words help please!!???-Angela
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[24 Mar 2004|11:41pm]

Hey People!

Got shit you want to show others? Make your "stuff" known? Feel free to show it off at http://www.livejournal.com/community/ps_fuck_you .

Almost anything is accepted:
-photoshopped art
-Exotic stories
-insightful thoughts.

Anything really. Its all about having fun XD
Please join, and post something :P

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[25 Jan 2004|03:50am]


You are a sales clerk in a store with several coworkers and there are many different desks to have merchandise rung up at. In your store, you call the desks "Quads." Typically you work at, lets say to make it easier to remember, "Quad 1." And one day you have to work at a different quad, which we will call, "Quad 2." During your shift at Quad 2, you ring up a coworker that you have talked to, ate lunch with a few times and so forth. While ringing your coworker up you are noticing a few price differences between what the ticket price says and what the computer says. Now, with that in mind, you also know that sometimes the "Pricing Team" does mark downs and they take a day or so to get into the system. However, you think to yourself "This stuff is from Quad 1 and that is where I usually am. As of yesterday these things weren't marked down, but it could be a pricing team issue." So you don't say anything about those items being wrong, but the thought stays with you. Some time later, when you are able to go back to Quad 1 to take a look, you find one of the items your coworker bought and notice that the ticket price on all of the items left are the same as what the computer said...not what the ticket on your coworkers said.

What would YOU do here?
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[25 Jan 2004|03:47am]

Now, I know I haven't really been keeping this up and being a bad girl with it...but I am going to get back into it soon, I promise including advertising on the board to get more members. I just need some time to think about which directionn we should go in with this group.

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[31 Dec 2003|03:20am]

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[29 Dec 2003|01:32am]

I know the holidays often bring sucky gifts....SOOOOOOOOOOOO....


WHAT was the SUCKIEST gift YOU got this year? AND who was it from?
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[15 Dec 2003|02:11am]


You are suddenly in the land of Oz and you already know that the Yellow Brick Road takes you to Emerald City. BUT, there is a Red Brick Road...where is that one taking you too?
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[11 Dec 2003|11:24pm]


Now you know what you really really want for Christmas and you know it is way to expensive for anyone to seriously buy you. BUT, as like every year, that person that always asks you what you want asks you if there is anything specific you would like this year. Knowing the way this person is, they WILL purchase this item for you.

Question is: Do you tell them what you really really want and not care how much they have to spend? Or do you simply tell them anything will do and hope that you can save enough money after the new year to buy it yourself? Either way, how do you feel about your decission afterwards?
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LETS DO SOME GOOD THIS SEASON [09 Dec 2003|12:10am]



By going to the above website and clicking on your favorite football teams helmet, Cambells Soup will donate a can of soup to food shelters. (After your selection they will want you to type in a varification code on the next screen, if the code isnt there, simply refresh your screen.)


By going to the above website, every click on the designated area, you help feed one animal a day.

PLEASE post these site addresses on your livejournal pages. It would mean alot to me and those in need this holiday season.


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[28 Nov 2003|01:54am]


Since it is Thanksgiving, I figured I would put something for us all to Tell The Truth about on this up in the spirit of the holiday.

What are you thankful for most of all in your life?
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[27 Nov 2003|01:34am]

Truthfully now

You are in a bad car accident and end up in a coma. Do you want your family to keep you on life support forever? Or do you want them to let you slip away?


You are in the same bad car accident, but instead of a coma, when you awaken you find out you are paralized from the neck down. There is nothing that can be done. Would you have rather the doctors let you die? What would you do since you are alive; hide away or try to make the best of it?
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[24 Nov 2003|02:24am]


You go to a concert and are in the crowd when a guard pulls you out and tells you that the person you were there to see wants to meet YOU!!! So of course you go back stage...

Do you take the once in a life time chance to have one night with this person?

What if you are in a relationship already (dating/engaged/married) would you still take this one night of passion?

If you took your chance, would you keep it a secret from your relationship or tell them?

And do you think you would just willingly accept one night from your dream fantasy and have the ability to walk away?

REMEMBER Tell US the Truth...and be honest with YOURSELF.

Also, you have the ability to post things too. Take advantage of it. Love to see what you are dying to know from others out there.

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[21 Nov 2003|01:27am]


You cant post your questions to get others to TELL THE TRUTH too.

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[21 Nov 2003|12:49am]

Are you ashamed of the number of people you have been intimate with? Lack of or to many of?

Do you often feel that if you lie to someone about the truth it will make you seem like a better person?

Have you ever lied to a person about your sexual past to come off sounding better?

Would you take any of the people back that you were with/or be with someone you weren't with?

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Let's see how kinky and fun some of us are.... [19 Nov 2003|02:48am]

Have you ever had sex in a public place? Where?

Have you ever had sex with people watching? How many?

Have you ever played sex games, role played, etc? What type?

Have you ever just met someone for a one night stand?

Where is the strangest place you have had sex? And have you done it more then once?

The truth continues...

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LETS GET STARTED & WELCOME!!!! [17 Nov 2003|02:31am]

Have YOU ever had a friend with benefits***? Are you still friends? Do the benefits still take place? Did you set rules down at the start? Did you feel used after or did you feel like you used them? Did romantic feelings ever get involved?

REMEMBER >> Go INTO as MUCH information as possible.

(***Note*** For those of you who may not know what a Friend with Benefits is: It is a person that you are not in a romantic relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend, girlfriend/girlfriend, boyfriend/boyfriend) with, but they are close to you and a sexual relationship developes between the two of you. This person may not even "be" a friend, but is someone that you simply have sexual relations with.***)
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WELCOME!!!!!! [17 Nov 2003|02:17am]

Well, since this community first got started some time has passed without much going on in here. So, I updated the colors tonight and posted an "ad" asking more people to come and check out the community.

As stated in the Info page, this community is open to Members only for posting and anything goes. So without further adieu, lets get started....again. Remember tell as much truth as you can...push yourself to the limit.
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